Frequently Asked Questions

Cashurban is a Secure Web, Mobile, USSD, SMS channel platform, where customers can request for cash (specific amount) and merchants/agents in the neighborhood that can service the transaction will accept the transaction and will appear on a map to the customer, then the merchant can service the transaction within 100 meters radius in the neighborhood.

Interestingly, on Cashurban, customers can also exchange foreign currencies; United States Dollars (USD), Great Britain Pounds (GBP) and European Euros (Eur) for Naira in their neighborhoods too, thereby eliminating the stress of going to a very far location to access their Naira.

To do transactions on Cashurban, all platforms can serve you. If there is not internet connection, customers can request for cash using our USSD channels.

Joining Cashurban is FREE. All you are required to do, is register on the platform, by filling the registration form, an email will be sent to you, which you will have to verify, once you verify your email, then you can login and start to use the service. You can either use Cashurban to Request for Cash in your desired Neighborhood, Register to become a Cash merchant, enlist products using our stock management module free of charge for merchants or Subscribe to be a Mobile Phone POS merchant, pay the annual subscription fee, get trained and start to earn income.

Only Cashurban POS Service and Merchants Mobile SMS Search Engine service are paid services on Cashurban, registration for every other services are FREE.

Registration on the platform is FREE OF CHARGE. However, all transactions executed on this platform attracts fees broken down as follows:


Cashurban Fees: N50 Per Transaction

Cash Merchant Charges: 0.5% – 1.5% 

 1.5% (Payment Processor Charges), with a maximum of N2, 000.00 cap



Cashurban Fees: 0.5% Per Transaction Foreign Currency Value

Cash Merchant Charges: 0.5% – 1.5% Naira Value

 3.8% Payment Processor Transaction Charges Foreign Currency Value



N150 Per Transaction

The minimum amount of cash you can have access to from cash merchants on this platform is N1, 000.00 and the maximum is N300, 000.00. This we have carefully considered because of your own safety.

It’s all about your convenience. Our responsibility is to ensure we make your transaction smooth. If you transfer funds and you do not have an alert, do be patient for a few minutes, as this may arise as a result of bad network or simply chat with our customer service representative and we would ask you some questions to verify your identity and give you a feedback on the status of the transaction.
Your money can not get missing. All successful transactions would appear in our log report and we can always easily confirm transaction status report to you.
All you are required to do after registering and verifying your registration on Cashurban as a user is to login into Cashurban and click on the “Register as a merchant” menu at the left and provide all the details therein. We shall verify that the details you provide are accurate, before you can be accepted and approved to become a cash merchant on this platform

All that is required is to ensure that you reside in a safe environment and you are able to trade with an amount of Cash between N1, 000.00 and N300, 000.00 on Cashurban.

But to trade Cash Back on Foreign currencies, depending on the fluctuations of the daily exchange rates as shown on international forex websites. The Naira conversions to pay to your customer would range around these amounts:

For USD: Minimum Amount:

USD 20.00 will average N7,200.00 – N7, 300.00

Maximum Amount: $500.00 will average N180, 000.00 – N182, 500.00


For GBP: Minimum Amount:

GBP 20.00 will average N8, 900.00 – N9, 100.00

Maximum Amount: GBP 500.00 will average N222, 500.00 – N250, 000.00


For EUR: Minimum Amount:

EUR 20.00 will average N7, 940.00 – N8, 040.00

Maximum Amount: Eur 500.00 will average N198, 500.00 – N201, 000.00

Usually, a prospective cash merchant’s application would be reviewed between 48-72 hours. If there are any discrepancies as to the details or documents supplied, we shall ensure we revert to you within the same period. When your application is approved, an email will be sent to you in that regard.
A corporate merchant is an organization that is duly registered with the appropriate authorities. A corporate merchant shall have a verified staff, that will be given the responsibility of handling all the company’s Cashurban transactions. An individual merchant is anyone who has a secure location to serve their customers.
Yes, you can. You are free to have multiple cash merchant locations, as long as you have unique email addresses to register with each unique account. Every cash location is unique and distinct from the other.

You would be required to provide the following information as part of your validation requirements to be able to transact on this platform:

• Your electronic passport photograph, which must not be more than 300KB

• A clearly scanned unexpired acceptable ID (300KB); Drivers’ License, International Passport, National ID Card, Voters Card

• The Valid ID number

• Your NUBAN Bank Account Number


• Etc.

Having a cash merchant account is like owning your own shop. Every cash merchant’s account goes OFF every day for safety reasons. So registered merchants are required to login daily to activate and switch their business ON on CashUrban.
Cash merchants have the opportunity to have their cash shops open for transaction from Sunday to Monday 12:00AM to 12:00AM (24 Hours) daily. Depending on the environment you operate within. However, its advisable to ensure that your neighborhood is safe to embark on a 24 hour service delivery.
Every cash merchant registered on this platform gets a review after every transaction. So users have the opportunity to share their reviews after every transaction and it would be available for the public to view on the merchant’s profile page.
On every merchant’s account, at the top right hand corner is a RED flag. Any merchant that is found to violate any of our policies can be reported and we would take appropriate actions against such merchants registered on the platform, after a thorough investigation has been carried out.
The only currency you can have as Cash back in Nigeria is Naira.
On Cashurban, you do a cash back for Naira from United States Dollar (USD), Great Britain Pound (GBP), European Euro (EUR).

You can only access you Naira immediately from the merchant, once you execute a transaction. 

However, for all foreign exchange transactions, the transactions are T+1. i.e. If you want your Naira tomorrow, its adviceable you make your transaction for all foreign exchange today.

No. Cashurban is not a Bureau De Change. This is because, we only provide a service of convenience, and not sale of foreign currencies.

No. A cash merchant does not need to have a Domiciliary Account, as customers just need only Naira from the merchant. All foreign exchange received shall be warehoused by us, while the merchant only provides the Naira equivalent for cash back.

However, for a customer to be able to use our cash back foreign exchange cash back service, the foreign exchange must be in a domicialiary account if resident in Nigeria. If the customer is not resident in Nigeria, they only need to register and login and process the transaction from the country they are.

We currently only support United States Dollar (USD), Great Britain Pound (GBP) and European Euro (EUR). 

For USD:

Minimum Amount: USD 20.00

Maximum Amount: USD 500.00

For GBP:

Minimum Amount: GBP 20.00

Maximum Amount: GBP 500.00

For EUR:

Minimum Amount: EUR 20.00

Maximum Amount: EUR 500.00

Cashurban is a VERY Secure Platform and we take user data privacy very seriously. We have a about 8 level security implementation strategy for your information shared on our web platform and our data collection and processing policies are compliant with Nigeria Data Protection Regulation and Global Data Protection Regulations (See Privacy Policy Page). So, you can be assured that your information cannot be compromised.

Cashurban platform is designed such that the commission that merchants earn is deducted at source. Once the user makes a successful transaction, commissions are split and added to the principal amount the merchant is supposed to disburse to the customer. Hence, the merchant only pays the principal amount and the commission is retained in the bank account.