A Whole New Experience

Cashurban is the 1st. Secure Online Neighborhood Cash Exchange Transfer Platform.

Now, from the comfort of our immediate environment and neighborhood; Shops, Malls, Supermarkets, Filling Stations, Gas Shops, Markets, Night Clubs, Bars etc. spread around. Users can now have access to their cash; Naira through a cash back convenience exchange, from our trusted & verified registered cash merchants in neighborhoods on our platform, just by requesting for cash and a merchant interested in fulfilling the transaction will pick the transaction and make the cash available to them.

Our Dashboard

Getting started on cashurban seamlessly

Create an Account

Using this service is simple! All that is needed is to Sign Up by providing the requested information, confirming your email. This is to enable us provide you a seamless service.


Our service is to bring you pure convinience, by being able to request for cash and a merchant within 100 Meters radius around you, is able to make cash available to you. Interestingly, you can do a Cashback request of Naira for Naira (NGN), for United States Dollar (USD), for Great Britain Pounds (GBP) and for European Euro (EUR).

Pick Your Cash Next Door

Once you are done with initiating a cash request, the closest available merchant services your request, then your cash is in your hands next door. It is that simple and super convenient.